Strategy Session


If you are a design enthusiast and want to DIY your decorating project, but would like to have an expert advice to avoid expensive mistakes, Strategy Session is for you. 

Imagine going from confusion to clarity; from frustration to enthusiasm; from being overwhelmed to being inspired; from chaos to clear plan.

Investment:  $250.00 for 1 hour  or
                     $450.00 for 2 hours 

During Strategy Session we will :

  • Walk through your space together to determine your goals and priorities. 
  • Evaluate furniture placement and offer recommendations on: furniture (which pieces to keep/replace); lighting; color scheme and paint choices; window treatments; flooring and rugs; accessories... we've got answers! 
  • Complete anything that can be done for immediate impact, i.e. move a piece of furniture, edit decor, etc.
  • Review any design inspirations you would like to share with us (Pinterest boards, magazine pages).
  • Answer additional questions you might have, e.g. whether it makes sense to take out a wall, or add the built-ins, etc.
  • Create an action plan to move your project forward.

At the end of the Strategy Session you will receive our notes and sketches so you can take action with confidence. 

To Schedule a Strategy Session

Please, CALL 479.831.66.88