About Katherine

It has been a long way for me before I could call myself an Interior Designer.

Since early years art, ballet, literature, theater and music have been part of my life.

After graduating from the University with a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching, I worked as a teacher and interpreter/translator for a decade.

However, my love of interior design and a major remodel of my own home made me look for the opportunities to use my creativity. I am a firm believer in good education and that is why I became a student at the Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York which gave me a solid educational foundation on which I can build my career. After graduating in 2012, I opened my own design studio.

I continue to educate myself by reading books written by the leading interior designers, by going to seminars and presentations, by traveling and visiting new places and keeping my "design eye" open. And, of course, I am constantly learning from my clients.

If you believe I might be a designer for you, I will be happy to hear from you and work for you and with you.