ottomans and poufs

Ottoman and Co.



It is a footstool. It is a chair. It is a table. One piece has many faces. Versatile, easy-going -  ottomans (along with poufs and cubes) do their job without fussing. To me they are the unsung heroes of any functional room. 

decorating for fall

Decorating For Fall

Leaves are falling and flying in the wind. Autumn is finally here with its bright colors. The air is so cool and crisp in the morning.  The sun shining through the dark low clouds illuminates the world in a different way ...

And it is time for  some decor adjustments to make our home feel warm and cozy. 

Here are a few decor ideas for the fall.

How To Have A Beautiful Home With Kids

I know the idea of having a beautiful home with kids of all ages sounds attractive. But how realistic is it? Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is possible to have a nice, more or less neat and functional home while kids are living in it. And I will be more than happy to share my tricks and tips. 

Hiring an Interior Designer: Luxury or Necessity?

Last week a plumber  handed my friend a bill for $85 for cleaning up a clogged pipe - a job that lasted for 40 minutes.  When she was telling me the story, I got to thinking: why is it that home owners have no problem paying for labor of an electrician, a painter, a carpenter or a plumber, but hiring an interior designer (even for a one-hour consultation ) in order to pull all the elements in a home together, falls into the category of luxury?

Malachite, Emerald Green and Gold

Sometimes we are looking for an accent color that will add punch to an otherwise neutral room, color that will make the whole space sing and will never be boring or drab. And there is a perfect color to meet all the above requirements - emerald green. And in combination with gold the effect will be simply unforgettable.

What Beauty Is, I Know Not...

Beauty is an absolute notion to me.  No matter what sphere beautiful things belong to - in a sense, beauty does not have "nationality".  Beauty is fascinating and mysterious at the same time. Simply looking at beautiful things brings harmony to my soul.